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I would be most comfortable at the Jazz club concert. I would expect to see the performers to be lively and loud and improvise by adding in their own singing, clapping and having solos. Jazz music is also something I enjoy listening to as it’s fun and upbeat. Since it was at a club, people could have also been getting food, talking, etc. which helps give it a more chill vibe, as well as a more intimate atmosphere. With Jazz, the instruments take turns playing improvised solos and are more spontaneous, which is something I would enjoy. Concerts I usually attend are lively pop or EDM concerts where the audience is able to sing along with the artist and dance. The performers also interact with the audience members, talk to them and overall it’s a fun interactive experience. 

I would be the least comfortable at a chamber music concert. This is because chamber music performers don’t usually have that much interaction with the audience members. They play their instruments following their notes, and they don’t follow a conductor. It is also much smaller than the other concerts we discussed, which is something I am not used to as the concerts I usually attend are with a much larger crowd which I personally enjoy. Additionally, as a listener, I would be expected to sit and watch without being able to have any interaction with the  performers. When I attend concerts, I like being able to feel as though I am connecting with the performer, either through singing along with them or dancing to their music.


  1. I agree. The chamber music concert does not interact with the audience at all which makes the experience less comfortable. At the same time, it gives audience members the freedom to sit back and relax. It allows for more attention to be put on the music.

  2. I agree. I would be most comfortable with listening to the Jazz club as an audience member as well. It is more of a chill environment where people are dancing, singing, and talking. And I also agree that the chamber music concert is not as out-going on doesn’t seem fun.

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