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Blog 5, Lu

After listeing to the pieces of music that was provided, The piece that I was most comfortable and would want to attend is the Jazz live performance. I just think Jazz is a very positive and upbeat type of music. When I think of Jazz I think of people just dancing around and vibing to the music and people interacting with eachother and having a great time. It just seems like a place for people to hang out and enjoy music.

The one that I was the least comfortable would probably be the Chamber Music Recital. The whole atmosphere seemed very serious and official. Also the seats seemd very close to the performer. Any small disruptions would seem rude or unprofessional. I personally don’t like being in these situations and it would just make me not enjoy the music but concentrate on other things


  1. I agree with you in that Jazz is vert positive and upbeat music, which is why I am also drawn to it. I like how you added that when you think of jazz you think of people dancing and having a great time, which is something that definitely comes to mind when you think of jazz clubs. I also said chamber music would be the least comfortable atmosphere for me, and I would have to agree with you on how serous and official the atmosphere seems, something I would not be used to.

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