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Blog 5, Kotkes

The performance where I would feel most comfortable would be the Jazz Club. The Jazz Club seems to be a very chill performance. The performers are singing and playing their instruments. But, it does not seem so official as they are taking pauses and don’t seem to demand silence. The audience is not sitting completely quietly. I saw even a waiter walking around serving drinks. People also seemed very happy throughout the performance, chatting with others.. It seems like it was the type of performance where people can hang out with friends or family,chatting and eating, while enjoying the Jazz music. If someone had to sneeze or get up for whatever reason, it would be acceptable and normal. It is most comfortable because everyone can do what they please without feeling pressured or feeling like they may disrupt the performance.

The performance where I would feel least comfortable would be the Chamber Music Recital. They are performing a string quartet known as “Joke”. The Chamber Music Recital seems to be very official. There are only four performers and it seems like a small hall. In this type of performance, it would be very disruptive for someone to speak or even get up. I would be nervous to even cough or sneeze because the room is silent. The audience is sitting silently throughout the performance. In addition, their seats are very close to the performers. There is only applause at the very end. During this performance, it would be least comfortable because the whole time people may be feeling pressured to hold in a sneeze or not use the restroom if needed. 

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