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Blog 4, Thorpe

In the opening scene of “Get Out”, we can see a guy on the phone walking towards the camera. It looks like he was in the suburbs because of all the houses around. It was really dark and he looked like he was on his way to someone. Then a white car passes him and turns around to follow him. The car stops when it gets near the guy and keeps getting closer as he continues to walk. The guy continues to walk in the other direction and a few seconds later he is kidnapped and dragged into the back of the white car.

Some of the diegetic the guys foot steps, the crickets, the car going passed him and the guy speaking. All of these sounds the audience can hear and the guy can hear them as well. The non diegetic sound is the music that is playing in the background. The music adds suspense to the scene because the music sounds kind of joyful but in the scene we can see the guy getting kidnapped. We hear the joyfulness through the timbre of the song. We can hear all the major chords and the trumpet in the song. When I listened to the video without sound I felt like something was missing and I wouldn’t expect the song they actually played to be the song for the kidnapping scene. The song may have had some foreshadowing in it because it kept telling the rabbit to run away.

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