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Blog 4, Yee

The one I chose was “Get Out”, it starts off with a male individual walking around in an unfamiliar neighborhood. He is in a call with may be his significant other and as he ends the call and begins walking, a white car drives by and turns around and starts heading toward him. He realizes that the car is tailing him and turns around saying that nothing bad will be happening to him today. He turns around to face the car and then realizes that the driver seat is open, and all of a sudden a male covered in black strangles him and drags him along into the trunk of the car.

Some diegetic sounds from the clip would be the male individual’s footsteps, the crickets chirping, the car coming into the scene, the music playing from the car. There is also a violin that is played as the driver drives off with the male. As the car approaches toward the male, we hear the song saying, “run rabbit, run run” which gives off an eerie feeling along with the dark empty streets.

Something I noticed was that they use crescendo when using the violin the end to add to the suspense of what is to happen to that male and also with the music when the kidnapper is dragging him to the car. The increase in volume intensifies the scene. In the end he gets kidnapped and it seems as if nothing happened because no one hears or does anything.

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  1. Hey Yee! I agree with almost everything you are saying, but I would like to point out that one non diegetic sound is probably the car coming in the scene because non-diegetic sounds is promoted by a narrator to help explain the storyline. In this case, the car was more like a symbol in this sense

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