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Blog 4, Bessalely

I chose 1.21 Gigawatts from Back to the Future (1985) as the clip i’d like to speak about. A teenager in the clip has traveled back in time to when his own parents were teenagers. By doing this, he is changing sequen=ces of events which can influence the future. To reverse this, he needs the help of a scientist to bring him back to the future. During this clip, they attempt to find out how to bring him back to the future.
The diegetic sounds taking place in the clip is the sound of the video rewinding and forwarding. Also, the crumpling of the paper that is being held is diegetic. The footsteps between the characters are also diegetic. Diegetic sounds are sounds the characters in the film can hear. The nondiegetic sounds include dramatic music in the end of the clip which increases in intensity and loudness. Non Diegetic sounds are sounds only the audience can hear.
The music makes the audience more nervous, due to the worry the characters are experiencing. Then, it shows the excitement of the screen because the scientist has come up with how to send the boy back to the future. I think the musical characteristic of increasing tempo and loudness is it important to show the importance of the event and the information the scientist discovered. This also can mirror a conjunct melody, because the distance between beats is short.

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  1. I like how you defined what diegetic and nondiegetic means as it helps us recognize what the characters hear versus what we hear in comparison. I also liked how you explained when the audience’s mood or emotions change in different parts of the clip.

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