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I decided to choose the “1.21 Gigawatts” scene from “Back to the Future”. This movie is about a teenager named Marty Mcfly, who accidently travels back in time and meets his parents as teenagers. The main goal of the movie is for McFly and his scientist named Doc, to try to figure how to go back to the future. The time machine that Doc made was called The DeLorean. In this specific scene, McFly is showing Doc a video of himself in the future on a television set. In the video, Doc explains how many gigawatts he needs for DeLorean to work with the help of lightning. 

Some diegetic sound (sound that is within the narrative action) was the television. At first the characters can hear the blurred sound of it trying to connect and finally Doc when he speaks. Also the sound of their running footsteps can be heard from either characters. Including the crumpling of McFly’s newspaper. On the other hand, some non diegetic sound (sound that is outside the narrative action) was the orchestra and band. As Doc discovers the day the lightning will strike, the audience can hear the instruments getting louder. This music adds a level of intensity and excitement for the audience. This is because it gives the audience hope that McFly will be able to resolve his problem. Doc will find a solution, and McFly can go back and eventually meet the woman of his dreams. One musical characteristic that is important is dynamics. Dynamics is the volume of a note or passage of music. The crescendo helps create these emotions and predictions about the plot. Also the tempo (speed at which the music is being played) supports the level of anticipation the audience feels. With the rhythm getting faster, the viewers become more eager to see what will happen in the rest of the plot. 

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  1. I noticed the music in the background, but didn’t notice that It was specifically the band and orchestra which is a great observation. Also, I agree that the music can give the audience hope that the situation can be fixed and the boy can go back to the future.

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