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In the beginning of the clip from “Get Out”, there is a black man walking and talking to someone on the phone. As he is walking down the street, a white car that was driving the opposite way makes a U-turn and follows the black man. The black man notices the suspicious white car and decides to turn back and go the other way and tries to cross the street. As he attempts to cross the street, he looks back at the white car and sees that the driver’s seat door is open. Out of nowhere, someone in a black suit strangles him and drags him to his car.

In this clip, there are a lot of diegetic sounds. Throughout the clips, I can hear the chirping of crickets and the car engine. I can also hear the music coming from the white car as the black man turns to look at it.

The music adds a suspenseful kind of atmosphere to the movie clip. It makes the scene seem scarier and creepier because of the dark and empty streets. I don’t think it tells the audience anything specific about the story or characters. However, it does make the mood of the scene scarier. From the clip, one characteristic that I think is important is the dynamic of the music. In some parts of the scene, the dynamic is low like in the scene where the black man first notices the white car. However, later on, in the scene where the black man is being dragged, the music gets louder.

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  1. I also chose this clip as it’s the one I was most familiar with. I find myself agreeing with your statements, as I noticed most of the same, and would like to add that another diegetic sound I heard was a dog barking, along with the slam of the car door and trunk.

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