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Blog 3, Yee

A very important tool in music that has helped many artist in the industry would be auto-tune. Auto-tune is very important because it is a piece of software that corrects the singer if they are singing out of tune whether it be the studio or live. Many artist use it nowadays to make an appeal to the younger audience. It enhances an artist’s voice even if they don’t have the talent in singing by adding a different alternative.. Many artist such as Justin Bieber, Kate Perry, Chris Brown, and many more. Even though auto-tune is not necessary for many artist, it does help solidify their performances or songs so that their fans will like it regardless. I’m not experienced with auto tune because I don’t sing at all but I am sure it would be a nice tool to use. Below I have chosen a song that incorporates auto tune and you can clearly hear it . It enhances the song and somewhat creates a catchy tune to it.

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  1. I like how you talked about auto tune in a positive way. Usually, when people refer to auto tune, they are knocking down the people who use it, and its refreshing to see someone not do that.

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