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The musical technology I picked is an amplifier. It’s purpose is to increase the amplitude of the instrument so that more people can hear it. It usually uses a certain type of cable like an XLR, 1/4 inch, or TRS cable, depending on the instrument, then you can run the cable through the input of the amp. The signal that is sent through the instrument runs through a series of controls and modulations such as “volume control”, “gain”, “base” (controls the EQ curve of the lower frequencies on the spectrum), and “treble” (control the EQ curve of higher frequencies). It also runs through a preamp before making its way to the speaker cabinet. There are a number of artists who use the amplifier in a way in which it was not designed for. One in particular is Jimi Hendrix, who cranked both his fuzz pedals and his amplifier in a dirty channel and this would make it really loud, distorted, and brought about sounds that were never heard before. I have used a couple of amps in my life, such as when I have performed at school. 

The way Jimi Hendrix used the amplifier brought about a new way of creative freedom and spoke to people. It created a new audience of people who enjoyed the new sound and broke musical boundaries that had not been broken before.

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  1. I really like how in depth you went about an amplifier and how there’s a lot of parts that goes into projecting the music to be really loud. I never knew that making an amplifier work could be so complicated. I also like how you show how the amplifier impacts society with how it’s used by musicians.

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