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Blog 3, Choi

In the present day of music making, many artists today use technology to create different sounds and melodies for the basis of their songs. Music technology can be defined as a knowledge, techniques, and tools that help humans or animals to achieve goals. This basically means that music could be made from literally anything that creates our interpretation of sound and music. New technological advances like autotune and turntables help artists express and create different versions of their type of music they are used to producing. I feel like when people use autotune it is usually to create cool new versions of their original voice. Music nowadays are so diverse, that many artists try to differentiate themselves by adding cool new sounds and alternatives to their usual sound. Artists like Travis Scott, and Billie Eilish use autotune to create different sounds for their music, which most of their fans love. Although their voices without autotune sounds just fine, spicing it up with the help of autotune help make their music a bit more popular and enjoyable. Autotune sounds like a cool instrument to create music with, but I have never used it in my life. It sounds like something I would definitely try in the future to see how it really changes your voice. Autotune is noticeable in the song Antidote by Travis Scott, he uses this instrument to enhance his usual voice. This helps create dynamic in his song and nice consonant harmonies with his overlapping vocals. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KnZ8h3MRuYg

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  1. I agree with how you described autotune to help artists create a new way to produce their music by changing up their voice. I think that by using autotune, artists are able to create a distinctive and unique musical image that listeners can remember. It helps make their music more pleasurable to listen to too.

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