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Blog 3, Kotkes

The piece of musical technology I chose was the instrument, the drums. The drums are an important instrument used in many different musical pieces and songs. The purpose of the drum is to give the musical piece rhythm. More specifically, drums give a beat for the piece to follow. By having the drum sounding in the background, it is easier for the listener to follow and listen with ease. The drum achieves this purpose because of its unique sound. The drum is a banging type of sound which is really exactly what a beat is. There are very clear notes when using drums. The drums can be played fast or slow but every beat is significant. It really helps the song flow when there is a clear beat.

Most people do not use drums in a way that it wasn’t designed for. The only thing that comes to mind is the possible risks and harm of drumming. Some people don’t take the appropriate and correct precaution when drumming which can cause hearing loss or other issues in the ear. Drummers tend to play loudly which can be too loud for the ear to handle. Earplugs are an easy fix to that issue. I do not have any experience with the drums other than hearing than at shows or in songs I listen to. I never played the drums but love listening to sounds with drums in it.

The piece of music I chose was “Counting Stars’” by One Republic. When I thought about drums, this song came straight to my head.  This song has a great beat with the drums in the background. Even though there are other instruments being used in the song, the drum in the background helps the listener follow the song. The drums also give a nice beat which makes the song pleasing and catchy. Drums have been a great addition to music. 



  1. It was interesting when you mentioned the drums of “Counting Stars”, I have never really noticed the importance until I listened to it again and focus solely on the drums. It sounded calm for the first 20 seconds and then the drums came in with the consistent bang! bang! beat throughout the song, which is the reason why your head bobs at the beat. You can also see the addition to the cymbals later on.

  2. I never really thought of drumming as harmful so it’s interesting that you mentioned that. But, it ‘s true how it can be damaging to your ears and hands…do you think drummers get carpal tunnel a lot?

  3. Very interesting. I grew up loving “Counting Stars” and it played a big part in my childhood. I’ve always heard the drums playing, but I haven’t truly paid attention to them. I never thought that drums could be harmful, but then again everything is harmful and you need to keeps stuff in moderation.

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