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Prompt for Blog 3

Select a piece of musical technology such as a musical format, an instrument, a mode of instruction, software, etc. This can be anything related to music that fits our definition of technology:

“Knowledge, techniques, and tools that help humans (or animals!) achieve certain goals.”

Referring to your textbook, notes, and any online sources you find useful, describe this technology and answer the following questions. What is its purpose? How does it work to achieve that purpose? Are there any people that use this technology in a way that it wasn’t designed for? Do you have any experience with this technology?

Find a piece of music that uses the technology that you’ve chosen. How did the technology influence the music it helped to produce? Please include in your blog either a YouTube or Spotify link.

This blog is due Sunday March 8 by 12pm.  Remember to consult the posting guidelines and How-To Guide if necessary.