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Blog 3, Jain

There are many different forms of musical technology that have been used in history as well as being used in present day to help better our understanding of technology or even just for listening to a wide variety of music. The form of musical technology that I chose to discuss today is ‘the guitar combo amplifier.’ Guitar combo amplifiers are usually used in ‘rock ‘n’ roll’ music. Rock ‘n’ roll music would not be loud if there wasn’t amplification. So many different types of bands use this across the world. And it is used in majority of concerts you would go to. Many rock ‘n’ roll music artists in the industry today use guitar combo amplifiers. I personally don’t have no experience with this technology form, but I have heard so many people playing it whether it be in real life or in videos, and it has always amazed me at how loud the sounds can get.

The song “Shut the Door” by Fugazi, was well- known for the rock ‘n’ roll vibes that it has to it. The band wasn’t very famous, but people who like rock ‘n’ roll music were very big fans of this piece. As you can see in the video the 2 guys are playing the guitar combo amplifier. This is the main parts of the song itself. It goes from soft to loud, back to soft and then they get super loud again. This song/band went viral back in 2010.

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  1. I would like to say one thing that I found interesting and didn’t know about the guitar amplifier was that you can use a guitar amp as a speaker to listen to music. Also, it doesn’t even look like a guitar, instead it looks like a box, so that it cool and something new I didn’t know!

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