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There are a lot of musical technology used during a concert. The most critical would be loudspeakers. Loudspeakers are defined as stereo equipment, that create sound through the conversion of electrical impulses. There are many different variations of loudspeakers that serve different purposes. I do not believe this technology can be used in a way that it is not designed for. I do have experience with loudspeakers, I own a pair for my computer at home. The loudspeakers are used mainly when I want to listen to music while doing work. Loudspeakers are also important for speakers that have to make a speech. If the speaker is making a speech, it is important for all people of the audience to fully receive the message, loudspeakers will serve their purpose 100 percent of the time.

Loudspeakers are used for many songs when the artists perform. The example I picked was NGHTMRE at the Electric Daisy Carnival 2019. Loudspeakers are a must-have equipment for edm artists at venues. If edm artists did not have speakers, It would decrease the entertainment tragically for people at the venue. I believe that a performer would prefer loudspeakers at any venue, no matter what size.


  1. I really like how you thoroughly discussed the purpose of loud speakers and how you put in what you opinions are on this musical technology. I also really like that the topic you chose to write about, you have experience with it yourself at home too. This shows that you actually have interest in this and how it works.

  2. I typically enjoyed how you first pointed how there are many important things used in concert rather than just saying only one thing. I liked how you knew your information about how there many different types of speakers each carrying out a different purpose. I like that you could relate to how it is useful and also give an example of how it was useful. Your post of speakers was very nice with the information!

  3. I really liked your blog as I personally am a fan of EDM music. It is very true what you said about loudspeakers for EDM artist, without them, the whole music experience would decrease tremendously. I also really liked the video you uploaded as it showed the extent to how great the speakers are for concerts.

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