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Blog 3, Metel

Music Notation is an important form of technology of music. One important form of music notation in Europe is neumes. Around the early 800s, a system of notation was developed using neumes. This is known as figures that present either single tones or many groups of tones. Neumes are different from modern notation. In the past neumes didn’t display pitches, instead they showed outlines of how the music may unfold. A man named Guido of Arezzo (ca. 991-1033) had devised a staff system of lines and spaces that allowed for exact pitch requirements. They had been used to recite the Christian holy scriptures known as melodic. 

Many people were able to use this device especially in the Middle Ages. I am not aware of any specific people who used this technology in a way that it wasn’t designed to be used. People were mainly looking for ways to expand ways of music notation and more advanced ways to present tones. Personally I have no experience with this particular form of music notation. However, the modern version is used now to see the different tones and sounds. I wasn’t able to find a clear piece of neumes but I was able to find a brief history and picture form of using neumes. I found this information very interesting and it was an interesting early form of music notation involving neumes.