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The Classical Period

This period if often referred to as the Enlightenment it ranged from 1730-1820’s. It is a combination of styles influenced by Germany and Italy. During this time lots of social change was occurring due to the Industrial revolution. This gave many middle class people the opportunity to enjoy the arts that they didn’t have access to before due to the lack of income. The addition of instruments in this era created they different layers of a musical piece. During this time period composers focused on a Thematic development which meant a greater use of different types of melodies and rhythm’s

A famous composer of this musical time period is Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (1756– 1791), Mozart’s Divertimento in D major, K. composed in (1772) is an example of “Salzburg symphonies”. During this piece the listener can hear different types of instruments that are being played at the same time at different ranges which is further showing an example of the thematic development.