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The Medieval Period started around 470 AD and ended around the beginning of the renaissance. The Medieval Period excites me the most because it started the development of Western musical notation, which are sheets containing symbols that represent the pitch and duration of the sound. Musical notations are really important to music because it formed a way to communicate in the music world and was preserved throughout generations. The historical event within the Medieval I know the most is the Declaration of Magna Carta, which restricted the power of kings and showcased the importance of the constitution. The textbook defines the Medieval Period as a period that developed the ability to create musical notation and start of early church music.

The musical piece that interested me the most is “Je vivroie liement/Liement me deport” written by Guillaume de Machaut. This piece of music met my expectations of what the medieval and stood out to me the most because the use of different instruments and the vocals takes the edge off my mind. This style of music brings positive vibes to my ears.