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The Romantic Period is one of the six historical periods of Western Art that lasted from the 1820-1900s. The Romantic period is explained to be revolutionary. Many musicians decided to experiment with their music breaking boundaries that were set before their time. The textbook explains that the romantic era’s, “universality of classical balance gave away to the precarious uniqueness of the particular.” This excites me because this means that music is slowly branching out to wider audiences. Their social status seems to not matter as much as it did before and more people can enjoy music for its craft.

A historical event that occurred during the Romantic Period is colonization and the rise of industrialization and nationalism. The era seems to reflect the historical events well since industrialization was the era of new inventions, the Romantic period invented new instruments and genres. The rise of nationalism reflected the pridefulness many musicians had during this era. Many performers showed off their “seemingly superhuman technique and bravura.” As mentioned before music in this era is described as grand and skillful. Concertos were still popular and showed off all the skills a musician had.

One of the composers that I chose to listen to was Franz Liszt. The piece I chose was “La Campanella” and I was amazed at the talent. He was able to play slow and gentle and before I knew it he immerses into a fast and intense moment. The description of the Romantic Period resembled the piece accurately. It had extreme playing that showed off a lot of his skills in a phenomenal way. Overall, the Romantic period was different from my thinking but still eye-opening and engaging.

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  1. The romantic era can was a time of musician to explore and break boundaries going against the norm, so i can see how this excites you to see the music expanding. I can see and find it interesting this period came around the industrialization era where its the start of new inventions and how also for music new instruments and genres were being introduced. Listening to the musical piece you chose, The way you describe it was accurate to the way it sounded to me as well with the slow, soft pace to a rapid one.

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