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Salvati, Blog 5

Watching each of the live performances, I would say I would be most comfortable watching the live Jazz performance. I enjoy how lively it seems from the video and wish I could actually experience what it sounds like in person. It actually bothers me that the audio quality is so poor because I feel I would really enjoy hearing the full quality of the performance. I think I would be most comfortable with the Jazz performance because that is the closest to the shows I see. Most of the concerts I attend are very upbeat and lively, so I feel I could mesh right in if I saw a Jazz performance. Although it is unlike what I am used to, I would not mind seeing a Chamber music recital. The music they were playing was pleasant to the ears and sounded beautiful. I feel shows like that could help me develop a deeper appreciation for music. Being able to sit there and just take in the pleasant sounds I’m hearing is something I want to at one point experience in a live show. I wouldn’t be uncomfortable seeing an Orchestra concert, I just would much prefer the other two options. Not that the Orchestra concert was bad to watch, it was just different than what I would find myself listening to. The music I listen to relates more to the sounds of Jazz and Chamber music than Orchestra, but after watching the video of the orchestra, I would not mind seeing a show. I guess I would be most uncomfortable seeing a Hindustani classical performance. I don’t mean that it would be uncomfortable for me to see that performance, but out of the four options, that would be at the bottom of my list. That is simply because I relate to it the least and find it the least enjoyable out of all the options we were given.

When watching all the performances, I get different vibes from a few of them. With the Jazz and the Hindustani, I believe those performances are more “laid back” in a sense, in comparison to the other performances. For the Orchestra and Chamber performances, they come off to be more structured and have a more serious experience in a way, I don’t know how to explain it. I feel that same thing with the experience of an audience member. The audience members in the Jazz and Hindustani shows could come off more laid back than the Orchestra and Chamber performances. The Jazz and Hindustani come off in a way where they could be more lively than the Orchestra and Chamber performances.