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Pang, Blog 2

In the musical piece “Kyrie from the Pope Marcellus Mass” there are many musical qualities that are shown such as in the melody, texture, harmonies, and rhythm of the piece. This piece is an example of a polyphony which means several independent lines sounding simultaneously and you can hear it in the harmonies where there’s singers that are singing the lines on a higher and lower pitch with the dominant line. Moreover, the rhythm of this piece has a slow tempo as the notes sound drawn out like there’s disjunct between pitches, which means that there’s some distance in between pitches. The melody of this piece sounded calming and at the same time bright or uplifting to me, especially during the harmonies where the high and low pitches sounded pleasant.  

The second musical piece was Kyrie and there were many things I had noticed such as in the piece’s texture is a monophony, which means that it’s just one musical line with no accompaniment. Another thing I had noticed in this piece was that the tempo was slow, and the melody a dark and sad tone like a minor scale. To add on, the range of this piece’s pitches aren’t as drawn out as the first musical piece “Kyrie from the Pope Marcellus Mass”, but there were still some pitches that were a little bit spaced out based on the musical notation on YouTube.  

My process of close listening regarding both musical pieces was that I analyzed one musical element at a time. Even though I had to listen to both pieces multiple times it helped me to focus on one element so I wouldn’t miss important details. Moreover, since I listened to the pieces on YouTube where it had the musical notation, I found that I could follow along to the melody better when I saw where the rise and fall of the pitches were.