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Blog 2, Jain

The 2 pieces that I chose to go with is Kyrie (monophonic) and Kyrie from the Pope Marcellus Mass. Before listening to either of these pieces I had thought that Kyrie (monophonic) would sound very childish, and was meant for little kids because of the name of the piece. And for the second piece that I chose I thought that it would sound like something “old people” would listen to because in the title it has “Pope.” These are my views of these pieces before listening to both of them carefully. Three elements that really brought my attention was harmony, texture, and melody. Harmony is when musical tones are played together in chords. Texture is the overall sound of a piece of the music. Melody is a group of notes that have different pitches in which the are played one after the other.

After listening to Kyrie (monophonic), it sounded nothing like I thought it would sound like. This to me sounds a lot like something that would be playing in a church. The sound sounds very religious, and it sounds like something you would listen to while praying, in a certain culture. The language the piece is in is Greek. In this piece I felt like I heard a lot of melody. This is because in this piece I hears multiple notes of the music that ha a bit different pitches to them which were being played one after the other. After listening to the Pope Marcellus Mass, this sounded a little familiar to the Kyrie piece, but a very important difference that I thought of while listening to this piece was that in the Pope Marcellus Mass, there is more of a feminine voice in the background then compared to the Kyrie piece. This piece sounded like it had harmony in it. This is because there was a lot of musical notes that were being payed together in which when the women is singing and then the men in the back start singing along. Also this sounds a lot more soothing.

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  1. I agree with your point that the harmonies in the Pope Marcellus Mass was much more pleasant than the Kyrie (monophonic), since there were different pitches of the high and low notes in the background of the dominant voice. I also found your views on the melody of the Kyrie (monophonic) interesting because I could only pinpoint out some of the pitches, so it was cool to see that you had noticed these details in the melody of the piece.

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