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Kim, Blog 3

The piece of music technology that I’ve chosen is the software: Ableton Live 10. According to website musictech.net “Ableton’s definition of melody and harmony: melody is the tune, the lead, the hook, a one-note-at-a-time part… played together,”(Delaney).  The purpose of the not-free software is for anyone, beginners and professionals alike, to be able to mix music and make their own way into the musical world. It works to achieve that purpose by having specialty tools encapsulated within the program, such as midi-effects for harmony, and more.

I believe there might be people out there who use the software for other purposes besides music, especially through pirating or by selling copies of the software illegally, therefore making money off of it, and not the intended purpose: to create music. I do have experience using this technology, in high school I used to put covers of songs on youtube, and I used this software to mix my vocals (pitch correction) with the instrumentals, along with adding specific effects into the background. The technology was influential towards the music it helped produce because it helps artists to create their remixes, covers, original pieces, and even to be a DJ.