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Khan Nadiyah Blog 3

There are many forms of musical technology one that is widely used is SoundCloud. Streaming has become the main source for listening to music. SoundCloud is a software that allows music to be streamed all around the world. It is a platform that holds many songs in one place and then allows users to stream it. Not only are there songs on this app but podcasts can also be listened too. This app also allows covers of songs to be published and remixes. Many rappers in today’s industry come from mixtapes they dropped on this platform. I use SoundCloud daily to stream songs that aren’t on other apps. As well as remixes of some of my favorite songs.

The song ” Old Town Road” by Lil Nas blew up on SoundCloud. It increased the audience of this artist and made his name known. It allowed people from other countries to hear this song. They were also able to stream it whenever and wherever they want. Over the course of last year and the start of this year, this song was playing everywhere.


  1. HI! I found your post very interesting. Crazily, I never heard of SoundCloud. I’ve only heard of Apple Music and Spotify. It sounds like a super interesting music streaming source. But, I know the song “Old Town Road” became super popular overtime due to the radio and other sources. It is so interesting how songs played on the radio or on music sources can really get the song out there! By hearing it in remixes or just seeing in on the SoundCloud app, I’m sure it got more popular from that!

  2. Hello, I like your post a lot because SoundCloud is probably the biggest platform that an artist can blow up on nowadays, as its’s free and anyone can listen to music that is released. I completely forgot that “Old Town Road” was first released on it, and became super popular on it, which led to its success on other music platforms. That song is probably the biggest example of the impact SoundCloud can have on pop music success.

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