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Fraczek, Blog 4

I chose the opening scene of “Get Out”  The scene starts off with Chris (the African American) on the phone with someone. Later on, a white car pulls up the street and starts trailing him. We then hear music coming from the car, and Chris turns around and notices the car, acknowledging that it is there. From his thoughts, we know that he tries to avoid the car so he walks in the opposite direction. Then someone from the car gets out and attacks him. His body is then dragged into the trunk of the white car. Some sounds that were present during this scene are the sound of the car against the road, the sounds the car made, the music, the conversation, his thoughts, and the sound of the environment around him. I believe the only nondiegetic sound is the old show tunes coming from the car. 

The music they added to the scene makes the more creepy and gives the audience chills. It tells the audience that something is about to happen, it’s foreshadowing something scary. It gives this hair-raising mood to the audience and I believe that the music that was chosen for this scene plays the key part. It has this old happy show tune vibe, yet the setting of the scene makes the music a lot creepier. I believe the dynamics play a key role in this as the music is quite at first, making it sound mysterious then as the scene ends, the music gets loud, indicating that whenever music is played, something bad is going to happen.