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The opening scene I chose is from Get Out(2017), the movie is about white people stealing bodies from black people because they think the bodies of black people are superior to their white bodies. In the opening, it shows how the black male is kidnapped after talking to the girl which manipulated him to go to that white neighborhood.

Some diegetic sounds are the male talking to himself and the non-diegetic sounds are the dog sounds or the music from the car.

The music sums up the entire movie, but without letting the viewer know unless they’ve seen the whole film. However, it is foreshadowing later into the film, when another black man is talking to a white person and gets invited to their white neighborhood. The opening shows that the movie is about racism because it is a black male in a white neighborhood and we know that because he is not familiar with his area and says “white” named areas with the white car and “white” music. He also says how he’s scared of the car because he is in that neighborhood. I think the old country music is a good musical component that shows the era it would have been in.

The mood is very spooky yet calm, there is a moment at night with the dog barking, car following with music like baby music in horror movies and then it gets classical and calm while he is kidnapped.

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  1. I agree with you that the mood is very creepy, but has a sense of calmness to it. However, I believe that the music in the car is diegetic since we know that the source is the car.

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