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Blog #8 Lalmiyev

For Blog  # 8 the prompt is to find an artist who has created music for a political purpose. A female artist that constantly creates music to bring awareness to Feminism as well as bringing awareness to sexuality is Zolita. Zolita or otherwise known as Zoe Montana Hoetzel is a 25-year old female singer/songwriter born in New York. When analyzing her lyrics in her pop-sing “Fight Like A Girl” it is clear she has a very distinctive message to those against feminism. The musical genre that she is associated with is Pop Music. There are many other artists within this genre that use it to express their emotions and discuss their political standpoints. Her lyrics state “If you didn’t know I fight like a girl I fight like a girl (x2)”. When she was asked the meaning if this lyrical line she states “To me fighting like a girl is a powerful magical women and men are so afraid of powerful women”. This line in itself represented both a positive and negative connotation of a women. Many times the word ‘power’ fits hand in hand with the word ‘evil’. And a woman can become spiteful and evil when she isn’t being acknowledges or if her rights aren’t being defended properly. She also states “Boy, I’ll make you see I got the power of Kali in me and everybody is about to believe It’s a woman’s world”.  In this line Zolita mentions Kali who is a powerful Hindu goddess of life and destructions.   This line can be seen as a women’s livelihood because she brings life into this world yet may times she isn’t viewed or valued as anything other than a women whose responsibilities are associated with the upkeep of a home and raising children. A musical characteristic is rhythm. In the background the listener can hear the beats which reminds me of marching.