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Blog 8, Fraczek

The song that I decided to write about is “Formation” by Beyoncé. This song was brought out in 2016 and with it, Beyoncé became the face of the Black Lives Matter movement. The song is tied to this movement due to the lyrics and the music video. The lyrics talk about how Beyoncé is proud of her diverse background and she is proud of who is as a human. The music video showed elements like paint on walls saying “Stop Killing Us” and her standing on top of a New Orleans police car, also bringing into light the effect of Hurricane Katrina. The article about Martin Luther King Jr. also correlates with the Black Lives Matter as it goes to further extend his preachings and ideology. The kid dancing in front of the police also goes to show this movement. This song is considered to be pop and bounce music, which is native to New Orleans. Pop and bounce music isn’t typically political. One musical tool that makes this a useful tool for political is the beat. It has a fast-paced beat, making it catchy and very energetic.  

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  1. It has such a powerful meaning and I like how you noticed the detail with paint on the walls. That was some nice observation. I agree that pop music isn’t really necessarily political based, but I agree, this song was!

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