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Within the Sema ceremony, music plays a significant role in expressing the ritual and performance. Like stated in the powerpoint, the music as well as the dance helps to experience spiritual union with God.  The music’s slow and calm rhythm helps the listeners’ bodies move gracefully and smoothly according to it. Pitch is one of the many musical characteristics that help the musicians dance accordingly as stated by “…might be identified not only by the pitches being used, but also by the characteristic ways in which a musician moves between them.” The musicians make their dance steps which include the use of their arms and legs to how the music plays.

In Gospel music (Amazing Grace), music also plays a very significant role. Like the music playing within the Sema ceremony, Amazing Grace is also a song dedicated to the worshipping of God. Both music pieces are of a slower tempo and rhythm as well. Amazing Grace and the music playing in the Sema ceremony also have differences. In Amazing Grace, the song has no instruments and is an acapella meaning that it is composed of only people singing. The Sema ceremony on the other hand, is an instrumental piece with only instruments and no voice.


  1. I liked the fact that you included Amazing grace as your example of gospel music, particularly because I happen to remember that one from my time in chorus(non-religious). The differences between the two are shown well with your definitions, and the points are thoroughly stated for easy understanding.

  2. I also noticed that the music in the Sema Ceremony follows the dancers motions. I noticed that in some other ceremonies the dancing isn’t exactly in-sync with the music being played. I agree with the differences you mentioned its the same one that I noticed when first comparing the two.

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