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Blog 7, Mak

The music in the Mevlevi Sema Ceremony creates a calm, harmonic unison that everyone that participates in the ceremony can feel. it’s role in music is to bond everyone in that ceremony with that piece of music, to be able to follow along as it plays. It is also a spiritual connection by speaking prayers, dancing to the rhythm and learning the ethnics of that culture. As shown in the Mevlevi Sema Ceremony video, you can see underlying tone of the music and the peace of mind the practitioners are feeling.

like in the Catholic Church, according from the textbook “As with the chanting of the Gyuto monks, plainchant was a tool for connecting with the sacred.” (p.296). This shows the connection between the two traditions, having a chant or a underlying tone to connect the people spiritually to god or to each other. They are slightly different because of the there are unique dances and tones based on what ethnicity you belong to. Your ethnicity could determine the instruments used, the form of the music, and how it is performed via dance or some movement or position.

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  1. Hi! I agree that the harmonic unison gives a certain calm feeling to the listener. The feeling of calmness and feeling connected to those in the ceremony is a very good feeling. It feels like the listener is involved and understands what is going on. I also like the quote you incorporated into your post. It brings a very clear idea and connection to the two music pieces. They are both chants which are representing the oneness and connection with God.

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