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Blog 6, Pietrzak

My dads side is originally from Poland, and a popular genre of music and folk dance is the Polonaise. “Polonaise” is the word “Polish” in French and its typically danced in carnival parties, or in ceremonies. It was first shown in the 17th century in French courts, but the original form of the dance originated in Poland. The dance itself is very slow paced, as the dancers walk more than they actually dance. They have a very straight posture and they typically never move their hips. The men are to be seen as very respectful and have dignity when they are around their partner. One of the greatest composers for Polonaise was Fryderyk Chopin, and most of his works were made with the piano. The Polonaise is definitely still tied to Polish culture, as it is a polish folk dance, and usually performed in weddings and ceremonies. They have groups located in Poland who pre-record the music and it is played all around the state.


  1. I agree with you on the part of the male dancers having to be respectful. This is a very ballroom dance so everybody has to be respectful. When I younger my mom tried to force me to learn this and two days later I was out of the class.

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