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Blog 6, Fraczek

My family has been in Poland for generations until 25 years ago they migrated here to the states. Both of my parents originate from the Podkarpackie region of Poland. They may be from the same region that shares similar language and religion, but they both have different dances and music. My mother’s side is from Rzeszow, or near the outskirts of town and grew up watching and learning the rzeszowiacy dance popular in that region. My dad grew up more south in the Doły Jasielsko-Sanockie region so his family grew up dancing and watching the Pogórzanie dance. These two genres are not as popular as other polish genres. 

Growing up with Rzeszowiacy and taking lessons when I was younger, I choose to write about it. The music is very changing. At times the tempo could be slow but as the music and dancers progress, it becomes relatively faster. The dance matches the tempo, but is mostly fast-paced and involves lots of moving around the stage and jumping. Normally nowadays its this dance is performed to show the culture and history of the region and is danced around certain holidays or just days of significance. The instruments you would hear are normally a violin and sometimes there’s even an accordion and signing. This dance is tied in with this culture because it’s still performed to this day and there are still icons from this culture present today in polish culture.