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Blog 6, Choi

When I was little my mom made me and my brother learn korean traditional music. There was this one song that every korean person knew while growing up called arirang. It is one the most popular korean traditional songs. It is usually played with the Korean instrument the gayageum. It is a Korean board with 12 silk strings, 12 movable bridges, and a convex upper surface. Not many people know how to play this instrument because it is very hard and difficult to carry everywhere since it is very heavy. The song arirang originates from Jeongseon, Gangwon Province in the mid 19th to 20th century. Most of the time when people perform arirang now, it is usually for Korean new year parades you see in like Korea town and in the city, and they wear Korean traditional attire and makeup. Although the gayageum is usually played by itself, however there are many other korean instruments that can be accompanied like the jjanggu, and buk. They are like drums and are very traditional and different from the drums you would see normally. The genre is definitely still tied to my ethnicity because no matter how modern it gets changed to, it will always sound like traditional Korean folk and nothing can change where it originated and how it is perceived and sound.