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Blog 5 Thorpe

The type of performance I would be most comfortable in is the Jazz club. I would be comfortable in this audience because the musicians look like they were having fun. There were lots of solos in the jazz performance. We could see each of the musicians’ skills individually. They were smiling while they were playing and you could see their chemistry. On the other performances, everyone looked so focused. They were trying to set a different mood based on their way of playing. In the Jazz video, it looked like they wanted the audience to be a part of the music they were creating. 

I would feel the least comfortable at the Hindustani classical performance because I don’t understand the language. I don’t understand the message they are trying to portray. The song seemed like she was trying to convey a serious story because of the crescendo she had at different parts of the video. From the Jazz performance, I expected to see a trumpet, a piano and the drums. I was right for the most part but they also used hand clapping as an instrument. For some of the performance, they let the  instrument do the expression. I heard lots of solos and jazzy chords like major 7s.