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The film scene I choose was “1.21 Gigawatts” from “Back to the Future”. In this scene Marty Mcfly the main character is trying to find a way back home since he is stuck in the past. Doc the scientist in the scene is amazed by the video Marty shows him since it is unknown technology to him. His amazement later turns to fear as he realizes he isn’t able to generate 1.21 Gigawatts of power. Both of them struggle with the news, but Marty determined to get back to the future realizes how they can find a lightning source to generate the electricity he needs.

There is a lot of diegetic sounds in the clip such as the static of the TV, the sound of the playback button, the footsteps, crumpling of paper. These diegetic sounds, although important the non-diegetic sounds we hear towards the end of the clip play a big role in the movie itself. The background music we hear is very fast pace and impatient, it comes right when the Doc and Marty realize how to power the time machine creating a feeling of realization as well as urgency. The music as well lets us know that the plot is moving forward and rapidly. The music lets the audience know that the following scenes are going to be hectic and daring.


  1. I like how you connected the sounds the role they played in the movie such as how the fast pace music tells us what the mood of the next scenes will be like. Another thing is the diegetic sounds can also cause a sense of commotion that is occurring in the scene that can go together with the background music.

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