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Blog 4, Kushmakova

I chose to watch the opening scene of “Get out.” This movie entitles an interatial couple, one being the black man who was walking and then short after killed in the opening scene. Him and his girlfriends parents are not pleased with each other since they do not want their daughter dating the man, Chris. In the start of the clip Chris was on the phone with his girlfriend and then after hanging up was trying to figure out the which turn he was supposed to take and on what street. He then realized there was a white car that pulled up very close to him and kept following him, getting startled he decided to walk another way. Unfortunately, the man in the car got behind him and put him in a chokehold and proceeded to put him in the trunk of his car. 

There was both diegetic and nondiegetic sounds throughout the opening scene. A diegetic sound was present is the crickets and sort of night time sounds that you would hear and there was a dog braking for a few seconds. As well as when the car passed by the man he heard it drive down the road. The non-diegetic sounds that were present would be the creepy music playing in the background while Chris was approached from the back by the man from the car. However, the song which was playing – “Run Rabbit Run ” by Flanagan and Allen came from the car at first and then got increasingly  louder as the man was putting him into the trunk of his car. 

When the music was played at a low volume and increasingly started to crescendo it gave the audience/ watchers an emotional attachment. It allowed emotions of interest and the on-edge feeling to surface. It also allowed the plot to thicken and sort of gave the push to move forward into the next scene and moving on from the opening. The increase of volume in the music and the zooming out of the particular part in the scene allowed suspense to build.