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BLOG 4 Lalmiyev

The opening scene from the prompt that was chosen was “Get Out” Directed by Jordan Peele. Then viewing the scene there are many examples of diegetic and non-diegetic sounds. The opening scene begins with a man of African American dissent having a conversation over the phone with his girlfriend saying “They got me out here in this creepy, confusing ass Suburb” insinuating that the character feels lost and uncomfortable in the moment. An example of diegetic sounds are the leaves cracking from under his feet, his heavy breathing, him speaking to himself trying to find the accurate direction to his destination and you heard the car driving and reversing behind him.

An example of non-diegetic sound was seen when the white car reversed closer to the character. The audience hears the song “Run Rabbit Run” by Noel Gray and Ralph Butler. The music was added to intensify the scene and have the watchers feel a certain “tenseness” and a feeling of uncertainty.