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Blog 4, Jain

The scene I chose is ‘Get Out.’ In this scene it is night time and you can hear the dogs barking and the crickets chirping. This represents a feeling of being lonely in the night time, which tends to make the viewer feel as if something scary or frightening will happen. The clip also starts off with a brief talk of the man talking on the phone, while walking on the side of a road. The moment this man gets off the phone he realizes that he is walking through a not so ‘happy’ neighborhood. While he is walking he is giving himself company by talking to himself, and not get nervous. Then, all of a sudden he notices a white car that starts to follow him. He stays calm and then gets a bit scared so he walks in the opposite direction. And then someone comes out of the car dressed as a knight and grabs him and puts him in chokehold. Then the man is dragged to the trunk of the ‘knights’ car and the car goes and drives away.

There are many diegetic sounds in this scene. The scene starts with footsteps, then sudden breathing, crickets chirping in the air, and then dogs. These can all be heard by him himself and the viewers who are watching. We can also hear what the man is saying while walking and talking on the phone. A non-diegetic sound that is brought up in the scene is the little bit of music that played when the car started to follow the man.