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Blog 3 Lalmiyev

The textbook defines sampling as

“Sampling is the process of taking a sound from
one recorded medium and inserting it into a new one. Today, sampling is generally done
by digitally extracting a selection from a pre-existing recording, modifying the sample to fit
new requirements (perhaps adjusting tempo and timbre), and then inserting the sample
into the new environment. A sample can easily be “looped” so that it repeats over and over,
turning seconds of material into minutes on end..”. You might be thinking to yourself “How is it possible to re-use someone elses music” However, this method is frequently used by many Hip-Hop artists.

One artist in particular that used ‘sampling’ in her song ‘I like it’ was Cardi B. She released this song in 2018 after being influenced by two artists. One of them being Chris Rivers who released a take on Pete Rodriguez’s “I like it Like That (A Mi Me Gusta Asi). When listening to Rodriguez’s original and River’s remake it is evident that all Cardi B did is change the lyrics to the song.

Our definition of technology is “knowledge, techniques, and tools that help humans (or animals) achieve their goals”. This quotation can strongly justify the needs of today’s Hip hop and pop artists (not limited to these two genres) to ‘sample songs’ to their liking in order to create music that will please their audience.