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Blog 3, Bhatnagar

Music technology can be defined as knowledge, techniques, and tools that help humans or animals to achieve goals. One example of a musical instrument is a xylophone. The xylophone is a musical instrument in the percussion family that consists of wooden bars struck by mallets. The purpose of a xylophone is usually played so that the music sounds an octave higher than written. Because the sound is always very short the xylophone is often used for short solo tunes which are fast and dry. The marimba is a kind of xylophone which has a softer sound and more bars, especially low notes. 

There are people who use this technology other than the reason it was designed for. This type of music was most present in the traditional music of Melanesia, Southeast Asia, Europe, Africa, and more. But, in Senegal it was used to scare monkeys and birds and other pests from people’s gardens. Also, it is used by many children as a use of a toy. Children love pressing random beats in a sense of enjoyment or fun. Now there are many songs that were created for the beats such as twinkle twinkle little star, baby shark, amazing grace, etc. Yes, I have experience with this technology because I have also played this instrument when I was much younger because I used to play around with the keys and make sound because it wasn’t dissonant and it didn’t scare me away. 

This musical technology influenced the music it helped to produce because it helped to give more of a calm and relaxing tone in music rather than being harsh. For example below, it has a very short note and also the sound is very soft and doesn’t seem to be harsh or annoying to the ear in any type of way. It gives a joyful and happy tone to listen to.