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Blog 2 Lalmiyev

The two musical pieces that I am choosing are Kyrie (monophonic); and Kyrie from the Pope Marcellus Mass. Before playing these songs I had no expectations tied to Kyrie (monophonic) however, with the second one the word “mass” suggested to me that it would include monks. When listening to these two compositions three musical elements stood out to me. Melody, harmony and texture (monophony)

Melody is a unit of pitches sounded in succession, in a simpler ways this means it is different levels of sound following each other. In Kyrie (monophonic) you can hear the different voices singing one line of music which brings us to texture. Texture is the way different musical parts fit together in this case its Monophony which is a single musical line without an accompaniment. Lastly, harmony is presented in this piece. Harmony is The sounding of two or  more pitches at the same time. Once the song starts you can hear people of different pitches singing along although, not every singer is singing in the same pitch you can hear them categorized together.

Similarly, when listening to Kyrie from the Pope of Marcellus Mass these three elements were persistent. With this composition harmony is evident with the high and low voices singing together. As well as these singers with different pitches being grouped up and following one another and lastly, it wasn’t accompanied by any musical instruments because at that time this music was wildly listened in the Church and instrumental music wasn’t accepted.