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Blog 2, Choi

In many songs today, there are a number of different musical elements that are used to create numerous styles of music. In pieces like Alapana from Sitar, Sarode, and Tabla, as well as Kyrie from the Pope Marcellus Mass, you could hear a variety of different musical elements which include texture, harmony, and timbre.

In the song Alapana from Sitar, Sarode, and Tabla, the musical elements, texture, and timbre could be found while listening to the piece. To be more specific, one thing I noticed while listening to this piece was that it was a biphony. Biphony is when there are two separate lines, consisting of melody and a drone. If you listen closely to this music, there is a light staticky sound heard in the background of the song. The same number of chords are being played repeatedly as well. Chords are when three or more pitches that sound at the same time, are built according to specific rules. The musical element timbre is also shown in this piece, as there are instruments that sound like woodwind, strings, and percussion could be heard all throughout the song.

To add on, the song Kyrie from the Pope Marcellus Mass uses the musical elements of texture and harmony. To be more specific, throughout the song heterophony could be heard. Heterophony is a single basic melody performed slightly differently by two or more performers. There were a bunch of different pitches of voices all singing in slightly different paces than each other. In addition, the musical element harmony was also heard throughout the songs, more specifically consonant, which are harmonies that sound pleasing. Although there were a number of voices singing, they all seem to match perfectly together creating a nice, and well put together sound.