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The Renaissance period was a time of innovation and exploration. The term Renaissance means re-birth and during this time period music was being reborned in a certain way because there was new interest in the composition of music. No longer is music just instrumental but its now sang by groups of boys or men. What excites me about this period is that people was innovating music and sharing their music with others. One historical event during the Renaissance was the Reformation. It was a time when people wanted to change the wrong doings of the Roman Catholic church and as a result it created the Protestant church.

The music during the Renaissance was described as holy and sacred because most of the time music was used for worship and ceremonial reasons. Genres like German music and Renaissance motet was the dominant genres. The composer that I choose is Clement Janequin and his piece La Guerre. The music sounded to what I expect. The music is sang by groups of boys and men and it sounded very holy. At the same time it sounded very fancy like something you would listen in a concert hall. What suprised me is that it was very upbeat and there is many layers to what is being sang.


  1. I feel like the Renaissance truly was a period of innovation and exploration since if you really look at it from a certain point of history, many things were created based on that period of time. I feel like opera was the genre that was created because of the music from the Renaissance, which is still enjoyed by many people in this modern period.

  2. Your blog post was very informational, and I liked how you linked the translation of the word Renaissance to the actual rebirth of music in this time period. The music created during this time was indeed very saintlike and sacred, which as you said makes sense due to the transformations and numerous reforms in the churches.

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