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Prompt for Blog 7

For this blog, I want you to consider the music and dance of the Mevlevi, part of the mystical Sufi tradition of Islam, in relation to any of the spiritual/religious music that we discussed last week: Buddhist chant; gospel music (Amazing Grace); Western art music in the Christian church; or music in the synagogue (Salomon Rossi or Kol Nidre). To learn about the Mevlevi, consult the slides, short video, and textbook chapter below (pages 315-321).

In your response, I expect you to cite from at least two of these sources and answer these questions: What role does music play within the Sema ceremony, or what effect does the music have on the listeners’ bodies and minds? Likewise, for the other music from this unit that you selected, what role does music play in that worship ceremony? Do these two traditions share any similarities between them, whether in music, belief, or how people behave? If not, what are their differences and how does music demonstrate those differences?

This blog is due Wednesday 4/29  by 11:59pm. Consult the posting guidelines if necessary, and don’t forget to leave a comment on a classmate’s post before our next class meeting.

Mevlevi Slides Powerpoint Version

Mevlevi Slides PDF Version

Music and Spirituality Chapter

Watch: The Mevlevi Sema Ceremony

Listen: Naat-i-Sherif: Taksim and Peşrev