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Prompt for Blog 6

Our theme this week was “Music and Ethnicity,” where ethnicity was defined as “a group of people bound by shared culture, including social customs, values and beliefs, and perhaps common language, religion, and ancestry.” Considering your own background, do a little research and tell us about a genre of music associated with your ethnicity. (Remember to quote or include links if you’re using someone else’s thoughts or words!) For example, my mother’s side of the family originally came from Poland, so I could write about a Polish dance called the mazurka.

In your description of the genre, you can answer questions like what instruments does it use, when/how did it originate, who performs it today, what are its unique musical characteristics, etc. Specifically, I want you to consider whether the genre is still tied to your ethnicity or has become a part of popular culture that many different kinds of people enjoy. Lastly, find a musical example of your genre from Youtube that shows musicians or dancers and include it at the bottom of your post.

This blog is due by Wednesday 4/8 at 11:59pm. Don’t forget to leave a comment on a classmate’s post; consult the posting guidelines if necessary.