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Kotkes,Blog 1

The Baroque Period

The invention of the new genre,opera is a very exciting part of the Baroque period. Many stories from Greek Mythology were used in the opera songs. There were speeches like songs and melodic songs. 

In the Baroque Period (1600-1750), there were many historical events. There are two historical events that I know of in that time period. One event is the establishment of Jamestown. I remember in elementary school history class, learning a lot about the establishment of Jamestown in 1607. The second event that I know of was when the land of New York was claimed. The land claim of New York is a huge historical event for all, especially us who live in New York!

The music in the Baroque period was very interesting. There were many new genres and instrument music styles being discovered. As I mentioned earlier, opera was invented. In addition, suites,sonato,and concertos were discovered. Many of the songs in that time period were basso continuo. Orchestra,which is a huge part of music today, was invented during the Baroque time period.

I chose to listen to a piece composed by Johann Sebastian Bach called ”air on the g string “. The piece sounded like the textbook described. It had basso continuo which the textbook mentioned to be a music theme for the Baroque time period. It sounded like a baby lullaby. When I played the piece, it sounded very soft and something a mobile would play for an infant.


  1. Hi Sophia! I had the Baroque time period as well. I found it interesting that the piece you chose by Bach, “air on the g string,” was described as a “baby lullaby.” I went to listen to this piece and I would have to agree with you. The music is very slow and peaceful, similar to a soft lullaby like you described. I found it fascinating to see all the different types of music that took place during this time period, as I compared Bach’s piece to the piece I chose, “Messiah” by Handle, which was more fast pace.

  2. Hey Sophia! I agree with Eliana about the description of “Air on the G string” being described as a lullaby, I didn’t see it that way. I always just thought of it as more of quartet music played at weddings and social events. Speaking of, have you heard Hauser play it? He’s a famous cellist from Croatia, its so beautiful.

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