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My parents are both Guyanese. The music associated with Guyana is just like music from other Caribbean areas. Some examples are soca, dance hall, and reggae. One genre that is widely listened to is reggae. Reggae music originated from Jamaica which is another Caribbean country. It was made around the late 60’s.
Reggae music is still tied to Guyana and other Caribbean countries. It’s closely associated with dancehall and soca music. These genres are often mistakes for one another because they are very similar. This music is influenced by other genres like jazz and calypso. Calypso music is a parent genre from many other genres in Caribbean culture. The harmony in reggae music is typically consonant. Reggae music influences today’s pop music. Other genres even include this genre such as rap. There are different types of music in this genre. Some are more calming and peaceful. Whereas other songs are made for dancing and are played at parties. Bob Marley was a very famous reggae artist. His grandson Skip Marley also makes music in this genre. Other artists such as Tory Lanez has music inspired by this genre. Recently Koffee won a Grammy for the song “Toast” which is a reggae song.

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  1. Hello, I like how your blog includes multiple types of reggae music, and including Koffee – Toast is a good way to show the recognition the the genre has received, and the popularity that it still enjoys. It’s also interesting that it’s parent genre is calypso.

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