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Baroque music

The Baroque music period took place during 1600-1750. Baroque music is one that is described as starting minimally but then flourishing. Bass lines and dancing were added to this music. Which allowed it to expand and diversify over time. It’s also mentioned that this music is almost like a speech. When listening to this music it does seem like a dramatic reading of story.

Opera music thrived during this time. Opera music was inspired by Greek mythology.  It told a story through music and grabbed the attention of listeners. This isn’t a genre that I am very familiar with. However, Greek mythology is fascinating and I was surprised that it played a part in opera music. This is for sure not something that I would have been able to spot while listening to this music.

The composer’s song that I listened to was Jean Baptiste Lully’s song “Miserere”. This song is exactly how I expected baroque music to sound. Opera music is a very distinct and easy one to pick out. This is why this song met my expectations of what was read. I still can’t imagine people dancing to this type of music. However, aside from that, the song  “Miserere” was one that truly embodies baroque music.

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  1. I found it interesting where you said the music seemed more like a speech than a song, and it told a story. This shows the evolving meaning of music and how people used it to express their emotions and talk about experiences. Also, it interests me that Opera music was popular during this time because in the Medieval times the music was a lot simpler than that, showing how music developed and changed intensely over time.

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