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Blog 8, Yee

The song I chose is Better Days by Victoria Monet ft. Ariana Grande and it revolves around the Black Lives Matter Movement. This song was created to honor the death of Philando Castile and Alton Sterling after they were shot by police officers. The lyrics of the song helps bring awareness of what is going on outside in the word, and offers hope to those who listen to it. The song has the lyrics ”Stop the hatred, stop the murders. We’re all human, that’s for certain. Come together, we deserve it. What kind of life will our babies have if we don’t change up and make it last?” They are referring to the deaths of black individuals and telling people to stop or the life of our future family may not even have a good life to live. The whole song itself just talks about wishing for better days where the life of people are taken away so easily and disregarded. The genre of the song is pop and although the genre itself is not political, it has been used many different times to deliver an important message. Throughout the song, the rhythm remains constant and slow with a catchy beat that makes the song very easy to remember. The repetition of the phrase calms the heart and gives hope to the people, allowing them to remember what the song was about.


  1. In your post, I agree on how repetition can give reassurance to one in this case on how one day there will be “better days”, In this case the stop on police brutality against the black community. Repetition can be an important in political protest songs.

  2. I agree with this song as being a political example, I have seen its lyrics around political posts. I also think the repetition highlights the hope and importance of “better days”. Many enjoy this song for entertainment and for its message as well.

  3. I am interested in your choice of a political protest music piece. This song highlights the plead to stop racially influenced murders.

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