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Blog 8, Khan

In ” High For Hours” J.Cole speaks on politics throughout the song. His message is very straightforward. He talks about violence in America. Police brutality is also talked about and how America is celebrating violence. The genre of this song is rap and, rap music has been used for political statements in the past.

He says “they came here seeking freedom and they end up owning slaves”. This is addressing the idea of the “American Dream” and how people came here for freedom. However, that’s not the reality when looking at the way society is made up. “Claiming that he reached for a gun” this is speaking on police brutality. In America, there have been numerous cases of police brutality happening. With these cases, there have even been videos showing the victims weren’t reaching for a gun. The violence that was used on them was uncalled for, and that is what J.Cole is bringing up. Furthermore, this song focuses on “American hypocrisy”. He lists how this hypocrisy can be seen. Whether it is celebrating violence or justifying it.The Timbre in this song remains the same throughout the song. This allows what he’s saying to be the focus rather than a change in the beat.

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  1. I like your song choice because it was similar to mine which was “This is America” by Childish Gambino. Both songs related to “how America is celebrating violence”. J.Cole is another popular artist that has a big voice and influence like Childish Gambino. Both artists are trying to get the attention of the public through their art which I find respectable.

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